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Sleep is essential. There is no point in arguing against it. People of all ages ranging from infants, teenagers, adults and old people require sleep. Most importantly, children are the ones that need sleep the most. It directly affects their physical and mental development in the early stages of life. There is a reason behind children sleeping almost more than half of the first 30 months of their life sleeping. Body and brain both require sleep. No one is precisely certain about the work the brain and body exactly do while sleeping. However, it is still recommended that the more children sleep the better. It is firmly believed and even backed up by empirical data that the mind deals with and stores data which replaces chemicals and takes care of various other issues while resting.

Different people need different amounts of sleep. That much is certain. Usually, for children, the amount of sleep which is rated as healthy is between ten to eleven hours daily. At the point when one’s body doesn’t have enough hours to rest, that individual may feel drained and irritable. Mood swings, fatigue, and crankiness become common. He/she may experience considerable difficulties concentrating and learning something. For instance, a child with less sleep will be exhausted at school the next day. He/she will continuously yawn, scratch out their eyes and become irritated at the smallest of things. Not only will they be unable to grasp any new concept at school, but they will find it difficult to learn even the easiest of things. They will not enjoy anything. Whether it be playing, hanging out with classmates or studying.

Little or no sleep also affects decision making. It directly affects the thinking capabilities of a person. Children with less sleep may even fight over petty things as they cannot think clearly. This puts them in harm’s way and increases the chances of making a wrong decision. Another important reason for children to go to bed at a reasonable time and get a good sleep both quantity and quality wise is because it will lead to better development of their brain and body. It will also shield them from becoming ill because sleep is essential to the immune system.

According to scientific research, sleep affects the brain wiring of children. Lack of sleep and even napping late into the night affects the back regions of the brain. These include posterior brain regions and the myelin areas. Children who are up late at night and have irregular sleep patterns are setting themselves backward. They will not be able to take in the information around them. This will make it difficult for them to score well in exams and will negatively affect their future prospects. The World is a competitive place. There is no room for people who are inefficient and not capable enough. It is recommended to children and their caretakers to tuck them in bed at an appropriate time for a considerable period. Otherwise, their growth will be hindered and a lifetime of problems will await them.

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