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The DreamSleep network consists of specially trained dentists and physicians who work together to treat sleep disorders and related medical conditions. Between the expertise of the dentist and physician, patients can rest easy knowing the network addresses multiple health issues.

DreamSleep dentists work closely with physicians to provide patients with the best possible treatment plan — one that improves the quality of sleep and overall health. A secure and open line of communication between dentist and doctor ensures that patients receive fair and accurate testing and consultation. Together, dentists and physicians determine which treatment plan is in the best interest of the patient.

Screening can be done by either a DreamSleep dentist or physician
Patients are provided with in-home sleep tests
Patients are referred to the appropriate provider based on the results
Secure portal of communication between dentist and physician guarantees patients will receive the care they need
Wait, a dentist can help me get better sleep?
How can a physician help me get better sleep?

Call Today For A Consultation: 1-844-363-7533

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