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Specialized Sleep Programs for Industry and Organizations

Sleep is one of the most important elements to peak performance. Good sleep is key to memory, mental sharpness and a winning mindset. That’s why it’s key to treat sleep across your company or organization. A comprehensive approach can boost performance across the organization.

DreamSleep has created specialized programs to address sleep-related breathing disorders in a number of industries. We work with each group or organization to create a tailored approach for their members covering screening, testing, treating and coaching.

Specialized program for:

DreamSleep is a complete sleep medicine program:

  • Comprehensive screening regimen
  • Convenient home sleep testing with physician review
  • Physicians & Dentists: all with academic credentialing from AACSM or ACSDD
  • Nationwide Provider Network: Can provide treatment throughout USA
  • Full Range of Therapies: Oral appliance, CPAP, Surgery, Positional Therapy
  • Total Wellness Philosophy: Sleep + Nutrition + Fitness + Mindset
  • Coaching: One-on-One support to maximize compliance and success

DreamSleep Certified means:

  • Better health records
  • Diligent follow-up
  • Professional, expert service on sleep

If your organization, company or group needs a specialized sleep program, call DreamSleep at 1-844-363-7533 today. Or contacts us through the form below.

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